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Shibumi Shade is lightweight, provides shade for everyone, and assembles in minutes.

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The Shibumi Shade canopy is designed to float effortlessly on the ocean breeze. As little as 3 mph of wind is all it takes to keep the canopy floating comfortably.

Because the canopy has no rigid structure, the Shibumi Shade cannot fly away in a strong gust, or tumble down the beach.

Check the current wind conditions at your beach, and view wind forecasts anywhere in the world here:

Definitely! Shibumi Shade was designed to be easily set up by one person.

The Shibumi Shade does need wind in order to work properly!

Just 2-3 mph of breeze is all Shibumi needs, and most beaches will have a sufficient breeze more than 90% of the time.

Sometimes, the wind at the beach may simply not cooperate, and that makes Shibumi Shade use difficult. For example, earlier in the day, before the air temperature has had a chance to warm up enough to drive a good breeze, the wind may be too light for ideal use. However, most sunny days at the beach are sufficiently windy, particularly by the afternoon.

We use this handy website to check the wind conditions and forecast before heading out to the beach:

Unlike other common tents and umbrellas, the Shibumi Shade cannot catch the wind and blow down the beach. This makes the Shibumi Shade a safer shade option. However, prolonged exposure to high wind conditions may potentially cause damage to the canopy.

We're working hard to make Shibumi Shades more indestructible every year, but we also understand that there may be physical limitations to the material flapping in the wind. In general, it will be best practice to limit exposing your Shibumi Shade to winds that are greater than 15-20+ mph on the beach.

If it's too windy to be comfortable on the beach, we recommend packing up and calling it a day. Fortunately, your Shibumi Shade can be packed up again in a matter of minutes!

The good news is, even if the back corner or seams are damaged, the Shibumi Shade will still do a great job of providing shade. In many cases, one of our free repair kits will make things good as new.