World's Best Beach Shade

Designed and Sewn in America

Shibumi Shade

Regular price $270.00

Shade for the whole crew

Provides 150 sq ft. of shade, weighs 4 lbs, and provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Now quieter, stronger, and made from 40% ocean-bound recycled plastic bottles.

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Shibumi Shade Mini

Regular price $190.00

Shade for two or just for you

Provides 75 sq ft. of shade, weighs 2 lbs, and assembles in 2 minutes. Perfect for 1-2 people and for traveling to any beach in the world.

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As Featured in

The New Your Times

Shibumi Shade is one of our favorite sun shelters we've ever tested.

- The New York Times

Shibumi set up couldn't be simpler.

- Forbes

Why We Love It: Shibumi’s unique design adds an extra layer of relaxing sounds to the beach experience.

- Travel + Leisure

Distinctive Design

How can you spot a genuine Shibumi Shade? Look for our single curved frame and our free-flowing, two-toned canopy.

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