• How does it work?

    Shibumi® beach shades float effortlessly on the breeze to provide shade. Just 2-3 mph of breeze is all Shibumi beach shades need, and most beaches will have a sufficient breeze more than 90% of the time. You can check the wind conditions at your favorite beach using this website:

  • What if there's no wind?

    No Wind? No problem. Meet the Wind Assist™

    This handy accessory quickly attaches to the trailing corners of your Shibumi Shade® canopy, anchoring each side with sandbags to create a tent-like shape.

    Best for those times on the beach when there's barely a breeze, the Wind Assist™ helps your Shibumi Shade® continue to provide shade even in less than ideal wind conditions.

  • Will I be able to set it up by myself?

    Definitely! Shibumi® beach shades are designed to be easily set up by one person.

  • Which size is right for me?

    The Shibumi Shade Classic® beach shade will easily accommodate a group of 6 sitting comfortably side by side in the shade, with room leftover for bags, coolers, beach gear, etc!

    The Shibumi Shade Mini® beach shade is best for small groups (1-2 people), and provides about half of the shaded area of the original Shibumi Shade.

  • What is the warranty and return policy?

    When you buy a Shibumi® beach shade from us, your satisfaction is important.  Please see our Warranty & Return Policy here for full details and limitations.

  • Do Shibumi® beach shades only come in one color?

    We make both the Shibumi Shade® and Shibumi Shade Mini® in our signature blue and teal colors. We love the way these colors complement the colors of the water found close to shore. When you see our blue and teal colors on the beach, you'll also know it's a genuine Shibumi® beach shade.

    Recently, we introduced the Limited Edition Pink & Orange Shibumi Shade! We're currently sold out, but you can sign up there to be notified when we are back in stock!

  • Are Shibumi® beach shades not allowed anywhere?

    To our knowledge, Shibumi® beach shades are allowed on every beach in the United States except (1) Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Horry County, SC, (2) Rehoboth/ Bethany Beach, DE, and (3) Long Beach Township/ Beach Haven/ Manasquan, NJ:

    • Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach allow only traditional umbrellas between Memorial Day and Labor Day. (Shibumi beach shades are allowed after Labor Day).
    • Horry County, SC allows only traditional umbrellas year round.
    • Rehoboth and Bethany Beach, DE allow only traditional umbrellas year round.
    • Long Beach Township/ Beach Haven/ Manasquan, NJ allow only traditional umbrellas year round.
  • Where does the name "Shibumi" come from?

    “Shibumi” is a design concept meaning effortless perfection. At Shibumi, we're on a mission to help you achieve your perfect beach day through elegant product innovation and high-quality design.

  • How do I report a fake or knockoff Shibumi shade?

    Please let us know if you encounter any fake or knockoff Shibumi Shade beach shades on the beach or anywhere else. This really helps us protect our intellectual property and protect others from counterfeit products! Please use the form on this page:
    Report Fakes and Knockoffs

  • How do I spot a genuine Shibumi Shade®?

    Look for our single curved frame and free-flowing, rectangular canopy.