"We just received our Shibumi Shade in late August and went to Sandbridge Beach (south of Virginia Beach) on Labor Day to try it out. It was a windy day with at least 10+mph wind all day. I saw one beach umbrella rolling down the beach and several beach canopies with the windward side caved in. There were also a lot of people that brought their umbrellas and canopies down to the beach but left them unopened due to the wind. Our Shibumi Shade worked great for us all day long. This was a great upgrade from our canopy that was permanently caved in on one side back from the wind in Nags Head back in June.
The Shibumi Shade packs up so small and is so light, that we are planning to take it in our luggage to our Grenada vacation next year. Why fight the resort crowd at 6am to reserve a small beach umbrella or Tiki Hut barely large enough for two chairs? We'll sleep in and take our Shibumi Shade down after breakfast and relax."

— KEN S. Chesterfield, VA


“Light weight, durable and super easy to put up!! Kinda ingenious!”



“BEST purchase EVER!!! And wonderful customer service!!! Thanks guys! We love it!!”



“We just returned from our week at Emerald Isle with our Shibumi. Loved it! From high wind days to almost no wind days, it had us covered. It’s so easy to set up and take down, we even had a few people stop by to ask about it. Thanks for a great product!”



“You have NO idea how happy we are with our Shibumi Shade! EVERYONE needs one!! Thank you, Shibumi! ”


“At first, my husband and I were concerned about the price of this shade but we were going to The Outer Banks for the week and needed some SHADE. We have been to Portsmouth every year for our anniversary for the last 14 years and every year we try unsuccessfully to use umbrellas, sun tarps, or screen houses. Nothing worked because of the wind over there.

So this year we gave the Shibumi Shade a shot. Oh my gosh! I put it up by myself in less than 2 minutes and had lots of shade. We parked my truck under it and tailgated while we were surf fishing, and still had room for chairs!

This is by far our best camping purchase EVER, plus, it’s so easy I can take it to the beach or anywhere else I need fast shade.

The best part is that the company was created by fellow North Carolinians who know how crazy the beach wind in NC can be. They are all handmade and high quality. I am glad that I am supporting local business owners and I cannot say enough about how wonderful this shade is. Well done Shibumi!”



“Great product. Dump the beach umbrella and get a Shibumi!”



“We received our shade as a gift from our daughter. Dane delivered it to our door in Emerald Isle within 2 days after ordering. It is an amazing shade, so easy to put up and take down. We just saw Dane on the beach yesterday and he personally thanked us for buying the shade. Great product, great story, great owners!”



“It’s light, it’s easy to put up, it’s whimsical, it provides enough shade for a family, you can easily spot it when walking up the beach, it’s a conversation piece, the owners are kind and cool and it came quickly!! Just a few reasons why you should consider getting a Shibumi Shade!”


“Friends of ours purchased because they saw someone using on the beach and this past weekend a bunch of us girls went to the beach and on the very first use we were able to have it up and ready to go in under 5 minutes. I will be purchasing one for my next trip!”



“Amazing! So light and easy to set up. Love the beach but must have shade so this is a lifesaver!”



“Thank you so so much! We ❤️ it!!!!!”



“It worked great. Everyone loved it.”



“It worked out amazingly last weekend! I had so many people asking about it. Thanks again! I love it!”



“Guess what! My parents tried it today and do not want to give it back to me!!! So I’ll be ordering a second one! Also my dad told me that many people on the beach were asking about where to get one and took pictures of the label, so get ready for many orders!!!!”


“It’s nice! Easy to figure out! Thanks!!”



“Got ours end of last summer, very handy in this windy day. Thx!”



“Thank you, we love it so much already! You’ve got an awesome product here!”



“Best thing since sliced bread!!!! We love it because it is so simple to assemble and take down.”



“For years I’ve been using umbrellas and struggled with keeping them up in the wind. The beach where we vacation ALWAYS has strong winds. I often sat and thought, it must be a better way other than hauling/setting up a heavy tent.

I was about to purchase two large heavy duty wooden pole umbrellas and bring my battery drill to drill down in the sand for quick setup. Other than the tents, that’s about the only thing I’ve seen that can hold up in strong wind.

One of those good umbrellas is about $200, so when a friend told my wife about this we decided to give it a try. It is great! Lightweight and quick setup, just as advertised. Trust me, it’s a no brainer once you use it! Even in very light wind it has worked for us. Obviously it wouldn’t work so well away from the beach where the wind may stop completely.

Great idea and great design, I just wish I’d thought of it!”



"I can’t begin to tell you how awesome the Shibumi Shade is. I was hesitant to spend $250 on one but they are well worth the money. I am 54 years old and finally found something I can carry and put up by myself! The service and shipping are excellent too!"



"WE LOVE SHIBUMI!! We have been going down to Hatteras, NC for 20+ years and over that time have used some form of canopy ("EZ UP"). While these have worked fine we have lost at least one to high wind and have had close calls taking them down or putting them up. Most years it's just me and my husband and others we have friends from New York join us.

We found the Shibumi and gave it a test run this year. We were in Hatteras for two weeks and we used it on the beach for ~10 days. It was wonderful. It literally took 2 minutes for my husband and I to put it up and take it down, it gave great shade, had plenty of room but most importantly it was awesome with the wind! There were a few days where we received ~20+ MPH gusts and we had no problems, no concerns.

We LOVE this product and am I am huge believer. We had at least 5+ people stop on the beach and ask about it (and we pointed them in your direction) as well as friends we sent pictures to. I know several have already looked into putting in their pre-orders.

We finally have something that is perfect for two or six, handles the wind like a dream and is easy to handle.

Thanks for this great product!"