Shibumi Shade, Inc. has received many patents for our innovations. These patents protect Shibumi Shade, Inc.’s inventions and the extensive resources Shibumi Shade, Inc. devotes to research, development and design. In accordance with 35 USC 287(a), Shibumi Shade, Inc. provides notice that Shibumi Shade, Inc. product(s) is/are protected by the associated patents listed below. The following list of patents is not all-inclusive. Shibumi Shade, Inc. product(s) may be protected by one or more additional patents and pending patents in the U.S. and elsewhere.

US10190330, US10753117, US11111690, US11634924, US11255103, US11299904, US11536046, US11946273, USD989350, USD990605, USD1005525, USD1007004, USD1007005, USD1014687.