Wind Assist™

No wind? No Problem. Meet the Wind Assist™

This handy accessory attaches to the corners of your Shibumi Shade® canopy, anchoring each side with sandbags to create a tent-like shape. Best for those times on the beach when there's barely a breeze, the Wind Assist™ helps provide shade even in tricky wind conditions. Compatible with all Shibumi Shades


  • Compatible with All Shibumi Shades
  • No wind? No problem
  • Quick Set Up

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Product Questions
  • How Does it Work?

    The Shibumi Wind Assist™ includes 2 custom-designed canopy clips, each attached to a sand anchor bag with a strong bungee cord.

    Setup is a breeze and takes less than a minute. Each clip attaches to a trailing corner of the Shibumi Shade® canopy, and to a sand anchor on the other end. By anchoring each corner with a strong bungee cord and sand anchor, the Wind Assist™ allows your Shibumi Shade® to better maintain its shape, even in less than ideal wind conditions.

  • Can I Use Wind Assist™ All The Time?

    You won't need to! Shibumi® beach shades are designed to float effortlessly on the ocean breeze. As little as 3 mph of wind is all it takes to keep the canopy floating comfortably.

    The Wind Assist™ is best for those times on the beach when there's barely a breeze.

    Check the current wind conditions at your beach, and view wind forecasts anywhere in the world here:

  • Can I Use The Wind Assist™ In High Winds?

    We don't recommend using the Wind Assist in moderate to high winds. Although the Wind Assist will remain safely attached even in high winds, we recommend removing it to avoid potential damage to your canopy from prolonged use in strong wind.

  • Will The Wind Assist™ Work With Any Shibumi Shade?

    Yes! We designed Wind Assist™ to work with any Shibumi Shade!

  • Can I Use My Shibumi Away From The Beach Now?

    Although the Wind Assist is helpful in low-wind conditions on the beach, we still don't recommend using your Shibumi Shade away from the beach, even with Wind Assist.

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