Founders: Dane and Scott Barnes and Alex Slater

A Letter From the Founders

We started Shibumi in 2016 guided by a simple belief: beach days should be effortless and joyful. Growing up, we spent every summer at the beach, and like you, hold cherished memories of time spent with family and friends. Yet, we also know the frustration of dealing with subpar beach gear – umbrellas that break and tumble in the wind, and unwieldy beach tents that seem to require an engineering degree to set up. We had an idea to change all that.

We started building prototypes for a new, lightweight shade that could improve our beach experience. After teaching ourselves to sew, we made the first Shibumi Shade on a sewing machine in Alex's house and started testing them in the sand. Other folks quickly took notice and started asking if we could make one for their families. That summer, working nights and weekends, we made the first 32 Shibumi Shades. From there, Shibumi took off, gaining popularity by word of mouth up and down the Carolinas. Just a few years later, we’re proud to see Shibumi® beach shades on more than 800 beaches worldwide.

We hope our gear helps you find your perfect beach day. Thank you for your pictures, your messages, and your support. We are truly grateful.

Dane, Scott & Alex

Our Story
How we got here


It started with an idea

We wanted to make a beach shade that stood out from the crowd. We knew it had to be easy to setup, lightweight, and durable. So, that summer, we taught ourselves to sew and made the first 32 Shibumi Shades.


In high demand

By 2018, order volumes quickly outpaced production summer after summer. We onboarded our first cut and sew manufacturing partners in North Carolina and by the end of 2019, Dane, Scott and Alex left their day jobs to pursue Shibumi full time.


Flying off the shelves

By the summer of 2020, Shibumi pandemonium was in full effect. Online and retail demand was so explosive that we were selling through inventory just minutes after release.


The most popular shade on the beach

Today, you can find Shibumi Shades on more than 800 beaches worldwide and sold at some of your favorite outdoor retailers around the country. Cheers to your most perfect beach day.